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Natural Stone Accessories

Natural Stone Supplies Essex sells a variety of natural stone accessories which can dramatically improve the appearance and functionality of your property. We specialise in bespoke natural stone accessories, where we source the perfect piece of natural stone for your project — be it for an interior feature wall or a garden sculpture. Our talented team can also give you ideas on the kinds of natural stone accessories that will improve the appearance of your project. We offer many types of natural stone accessories including:

Natural stone window sills and window surrounds

We often supply natural stone window components to customers in Essex. Our clients purchase natural stone for gothic window sills, corbeling, bullnose window surrounds, and many other decorative enhancements for their properties.

Natural stone capping

Stone walls look much more attractive when they are finished with a layer of natural stone capping. Capping provides a sense of continuity between horizontal and vertical surfaces while improving the design aesthetic of the wall. Natural stone capping is also useful for finishing retaining walls, fences, posts, and pillars. We have a huge selection of natural stone capping available in many materials including limestone, granite, and sandstone.

Natural stone mailboxes

A property’s mailbox is usually the first part of a building that visitors notice. Why settle for a plain-looking metal or timber mailbox? We can help you install a beautiful natural stone mailbox made from a highly durable material like granite, slate, sandstone, or limestone.

Natural stone flower boxes

Natural stone flower boxes are beautiful additions to any home. We can create bespoke flower boxes that perfectly match the design of your property, dramatically improving its appearance.

Natural Stone Hearts and Mantels

A natural stone fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. We can provide you with the stone you require to make a stunning fireplace that you will love.

Natural stone walls

Stone walls aren’t just beautiful — they will last for hundreds of years. Our team can help you find the perfect materials for your stone retaining wall or decorative wall.

Essex Natural Stone Suppliers can also help you source:

Natural stone steps
Natural stone sawn slabs
Natural stone bench kits
Natural stone sawn pavers

Natural stone for sculptures and decorative pieces

Contact Natural Stone Supplies Essex today on 01621 854507 to enquire about our natural stone accessories.

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