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Natural Stone for Paving, Paths, Driveways and Accessories County Down

Natural stone is the perfect choice for driveways, paths, gardens, patios and other outdoor surfaces. It is an all-natural and organic material with incredibly durability and a beautiful appearance.

There are many different types of natural stone that are ideal for outdoor spaces, including granite, limestone, sandstone, yorkstone, cobblestone, and slate. You can choose from an incredible range of patterns, colours, and textures — finding a stone that perfectly matches the design aesthetic of your next project.

Natural Stone Supplies Essex can help by supplying the highest-quality natural stone for County Down paving, paths, and driveways. Our company is the leading provider of natural stone in Essex and one one of the largest in the UK for both commercial and residential projects. We have an incredible range of natural stone products and can help you find the right materials for your project.

Contact Essex Natural Stone Suppliers today on 01621 854507 to enquire about Natural Stone for Paving, Path, Driveways and Accessories or read-on to learn more about our products and the benefits of using natural stone.

Natural Stone Products County Down

Natural Stone Supplies Essex stocks a huge range of natural stone products for paving, paths, and driveways. All of our natural stone is sourced from reputable quarries with strong track records for worker safety and protecting the natural environment.

Natural stone paving for outdoor spaces

Many of our residential and commercial clients in County Down use natural stone paving for their outdoor areas. The vibrant colour of natural stone blends in well with the natural environment, making it useful for creating a comfortable and relaxing outdoor space. Its durability also ensures that your County Down courtyard, gazebo area, or patio will look fantastic for years to come.

Natural stone paths County Down

Natural stone is an excellent material for paths because of its durability and traction. Our County Down natural stone clients often create bespoke paths with natural stone cut into unique shapes to match the flow of their outdoor spaces.

County Down Natural stone paving for driveways

Natural stone is increasingly being used for driveways as an alternative to concrete. It is a more attractive look compared to concrete, is simple to maintain and surprisingly affordable. We can custom-cut natural stone pavers to match the unique curve of your driveway, giving your property a truly unique look.

Why use natural stone for paving, paths and driveways?

Natural stone is an environmentally friendly material

Natural stone is an eco-friendly material that does not produce toxic emissions or pollutants of any kind. It does not contain synthetic ingredients and can be produced in a sustainable way with a low environmental impact. If you are environmentally conscious, natural stone is the obvious choice for your property’s paving, paths, and driveways.

Natural stone is extremely durable

You only have to look at the Ancient Pyramids or the Mayan city of Tikal to get an idea of how durable natural stone is. It can last for thousands of years — giving you the opportunity to create outdoor areas featuring natural stone that will stand the test of time.

Many design options

There are many types of natural stone available with very different characteristics. You can find a natural stone with the perfect combination of colour, texture and pattern for your property’s paving, steps, paths and driveways. Many homeowners in County Down use natural stone paving as it makes it easy to find a match for their County Down garden design.

Natural stone is affordable

Natural stone is much more affordable than what it used to be. Adding a natural stone driveway or outdoor area is also a wise investment decision as it increases the value of your property.

Why Choose Natural Stone Supplies Essex?

Natural Stone Supplies Essex is the #1 supplier of natural stone paving, paths, and driveways in Essex, and can deliver to County Down and around the UK. We help both commercial and residential clients find the perfect materials for their latest project. The main reasons to choose our company for your next project include:


We have developed excellent relationships with quarries throughout Europe. This helps us source the highest quality natural stone products at an affordable price. We pass these discounts directly onto our customers.

Many years of experience

Our company has been serving clients in County Down and throughout the UK for many years. We love working in this industry and look forward to helping many more clients in the years to come.

We work with many types of clients

Natural Stone Supplies Essex works with many types of residential and commercial clients in County Down including homeowners, residential property developers, renovators, and commercial building contractors. We give each client the same level of care and attention — regardless of the size of their project.

We always deliver on-time and on-budget

Over the years, our company has established a reputation for reliability and professionalism. We will deliver the materials to your project in County Down and throughout the UK on time and within your specified budget.

The highest quality natural stone products

Our company works with many quarries to find the highest quality natural stone for our clients. You will be amazed by the many colours, textures, and patterns that are available.

A locally owned and operated business

Natural Stone Supplies Essex is a local business with a solid established professional reputation in the industry.

If you are interested in Natural Stone for Paving, Paths, Driveways contact Natural Stone Supplies Essex today on 01621 854507 or email

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